Gigabyte can feed your CPU 1500W

Awaiting numerous Socket Burn jokes ...

What do you get if you supply 1500W to a CPU, encrypt everything with removable keys, and control the whole thing with your phone? That is easy, the new Gigabyte motherboards. We showed you some pictures of the boards a few days ago, but Gigabyte kept some of the more interesting features under wraps until their press conference today. The best bits about the boards are not easily captured in pictures, they are firmware and software based. First up is the 24 phase power we told you about. Being true 24 phase rather than 12 + 12 like some in the past means that they can supply an awful lot of wattage to the CPU. How much? About 1500W or so, and no, we are not joking. If you are a mad overclocker that can't wake up in the morning without a steaming cup of LN2, these are your boards. That said, some of the Intel P55 and X58 boards literally burned the pins off the sockets with much less voltage, so we can't see how anyone will reach those numbers in the real world. At far fewer amps, those little CPU fingers become more like fuses than connectors. That said, if you are OCing with the new 24 phase Gigabyte boards, power delivery will not be the bottleneck in your efforts.

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