ASUS GeForce GTX 465 1GB Review

Hm, looks like the card's okay, just priced a bit too high.

To be honest with you, the GTX 465 1GB would have been award-worthy had it hit the $250 to $260 mark and if you find one for somewhere in that range, it should be impossible to resist. There are also some additional benefits like the inclusion of Just Cause 2 (a game well worth its $50 asking price in my opinion) at participating retailers and the ASUS Voltage Tweak software that does actually make a difference when overclocking. Unfortunately, for the time being the GTX 465 retails for a bit more than we would be willing to pay for the performance it delivers and the power it consumes. It’s the right card at the wrong price in a market where consumers are demanding more gaming value for their money.

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