MSI Radeon 5870 Four-Way Turbo Charged with LN2 By Deanzo

This is something you don't see every day: using a liquid nitrogen cooled system to run actual benchmarks. Kiwi-clocker Deanzo pushed 4 HD 5870 cards to 1300MHz, combined it with a 5.8GHz 980X and ran gaming benchmarks ... check it out!

Ok, so it would have been nice if all four cards had performed as well as the best card, but that is something you have to be prepared for, particularly when going to the extremes. But I am not complaining; P53k with 5870’s in 3D Mark Vantage is nothing to sneeze at and watching some of the peak frame rates during the benchmarks, you can’t help but smile. Benching five pots with liquid nitrogen on your own is not for the faint hearted. Great fun? Yes, but also very stressful. But as they say, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. But if the mood takes you to push four already powerful cards further and you have access to the equipment needed, I highly recommend the experience.

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