Intel Releases Core i7 875K and Core i5 655K, Lures Overclockers with Pricing

Good news for us!

Intel today rolled out two new high-performance processors aimed at the enthusiast community, which is sure to please users of LGA1156 platform. The release includes the quad-core Core i7 875K, and dual-core Core i5 655K. Based on the 45 nm Lynnfield die, the Core i7 875K is clocked at 2.93 GHz, with a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 3.60 GHz. While having identical clock speeds to the Core i7 870, the 875K comes with a fully unlocked BClk multiplier, which is featured in Extreme Edition processors.

The unlocked multiplier helps with overclocking. Also featured is that the core and DRAM ratios are unlocked so memory bus speeds can be kept independent of the core speed to an extant. The processor retains the TDP rating of 95W, which other Lynnfield-based processors have. It has a monolithic die which houses the processor and northbridge, dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, and PCI-Express root complex. Intel HyperThreading Technology enables 8 logical CPUs for the OS to deal with.

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