Nvidia unleashes Release 256 drivers

5 to 10% performance increase - need to rebench GTX480!

Nvidia's anticipated Release 256 drivers are finally here. The first drivers released is the 257.15 beta, supporting all Nvidia graphics cards since the 6 series. Needless to say, these are the most dramatically improved drivers since "Big Bang II" back in 2008. Nvidia claims dramatic performance increases for the Geforce GTX 400 series, with an average of 5-10% [...] There's no denying that Nvidia have had a rough time over the last few months. However, Nvidia may just be beginning to turn things around. Few expected Geforce GTX 400 wide availability, but Nvidia have put out enough cards out in the market. Now, Nvidia have released a stellar driver that will no doubt close the gap to ATI. It will be interesting to see updated benchmarks, as the GTX 480 and especially GTX 470 might just close in on the HD 5800 series in terms of price/performance. While the new Release 256 family of drivers is a no-brainer, do note the current drivers are only in Beta stage. WHQL drivers are expected in the future, along with 3D Vision Surround support.

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