MSI confirms GTX 465

Twin Frozr II (also on R5870 Lightning I think) confirmed for next generation of MSI Nvidia cards

During its pre-Computex press event held in Holland, among other things, MSI has practically confirmed Nvidia's upcoming GTX 465 card. MSI was highly praised for its Lightning series and considering the fact that these have broke quite a few records and are quite keen on getting chilled by LN2, we are not surprised that MSI wants GTX 480, 470 and 465 cooled by its Twin Frozr II cooler. The cards will use the Twin Frozr II cooler and although MSI didn't show any pictures the slide clearly stated that there is a plan for Fermi N480/N470/N465 Twin Frozr II cards. MSI might probably have more info during Computex but for now we at least know that it is indeed coming and that a non-reference Twin Frozr II GTX 465 card is definitely planned.

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