55Ghz CPU Power on EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard attacks current wPrime record

evga classified sr2 Using the new EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard, MovieMan has managed to push his two Intel X5680 CPU's to a stable 4576Mhz (at 6 cores a CPU that's a whopping 55Ghz cpu power in total!). This resulted in a 2sec 203ms wPrime 32m run, getting very close to the current wPrime record of 1sec 920ms. Contrary to the current record, MovieMan used a single motherboard, instead of a cluster of 32 Xeon EX X7460's running at stock speed.


wPrime 32m Worldrecord rank: 2nd wPrime 32m: good for 0.0 points
wPrime 32m 12x CPU rank: 1st out of 4, good for 5.7 points for team total, but not personal total, as his 4x CPU submission earns more points.
wPrime 32m 2x Xeon X5680 rank: 1st out of 2, good for 2.0 points.


United States Linuxfan says:

Congrats MM! SR-2 is a beast!

United States steponz says:

Wish I could get one.. I would have LN2 on those babies... If I only had the board....

That should be worth more points.

Congrats... that board has to be fun to play with.

Canada mkultra says:

GO MM, push it a little more :D congratz

United States Chuchnit says:

Bravo to hwbot staff for giving the man his props. Monster runs for sure!! Congrats Movieman. :)

United States miahallen says:

Insane power in that machine....great work Dave, keep pushin it bro :)

Belgium Massman says:

I wonder what the average OC will be when more people lay their hands on the SR-2 :D

TaPaKaH says:

clocking CPUs gotta be very crappy on that board if 4.58GHz is worthy of a newspost :D

United States Chuchnit says:

Sam OCX said: clocking CPUs gotta be very crappy on that board if 4.58GHz is worthy of a newspost :D

Those frequencies sound pretty good on aircoolers, in a case, and a couple inches from each other. ;)

United States miahallen says:

chuchnit said: those Frequencies Sound Pretty Good On Aircoolers, In A Case, And A Couple Inches From Each Other. ;)

Qft ;)

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