Italian GOOC 2010 final today on Livestream

A heads up for all (Italian) overclockers! Today, May 22nd, the final of the Italian qualifier of GOOC 2010 can be followed live through the Livestream service of Overclocking-TV. Participating are Canna1988, Cische, Delex, F.o.g.n.a, Kangaxx, Marco74, Rsannino and 4th in the Overclockers League Hiwa.

More details (including results!): here

Livestream: here


Belgium Massman says:

Good luck to all!


Good Luck HIWA .

Greece hipro5 says:

Good luck guys... :) Say hi to giorgioprimo... :D

Iran ViViD says:

Good Luck Guys @Hiwa: You The Best My Friend ;)

Belgium Massman says:

Kangaxx in pole position - only 20 minutes to go

Hiwa says:

Congrats to kangaXX, my chip was damn bad with HT on and wprime , max 5160 lol ...

Italy canna1988 says:

congrats to all, a very hard battle. :-)

Italy franknos90 says:

Congratulations to all, in particular to my teammates Canna and Kangaxx.. let's go to Mallorca! :D

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