Meet GUS, MSI's External Laptop Graphics

... but can it be overclocked?

MSI claims that some 50 per cent of laptops are sold with ExpressCard slots and most without discrete graphics or with older integrated graphics (usually Intel), so it provides a very viable upgrade option, providing you're near a plug. It also means that laptops can have up to four simultaneous display outputs: one from the laptop and three from the Radeon HD 5670. So while a laptop with GUS won't ever replace a full-fat desktop, it will handle light gaming and means during the day you can carry around a thin and light machine, while in the evening connect it up to a multi-monitor array for some casual, large screen gaming or use the Radeon's UVD video acceleration to watch HD movies. MSI plans to sell the GUS with Radeon HD 5670, among other possible graphics options, for between $169-$229, but you can buy the GUS on its own for just $99-$109. That's really very reasonable when you consider the additional cost of serious graphics in laptops.

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