Intel Demos Working System Based on 48-Core Chip.

If I'm not mistaken, this 48-core technology has already been in the news a few months ago. Now there are pictures of a working system ... no benchmarks yet. I suppose performance isn't as they want it to be yet as the architecture needs further tweaking.

Intel Corp. recently demonstrated a system based on the experimental 48-core supercomputer on chip (SCC) processor. The system appears to look like just an ordinary personal computer and seems to operate flawlessly. Unfortunately, Intel share no benchmark numbers for the prototype processor that belongs to the company’s Terascale Research program. The experimental mainboard for the 48-core SCC is called Copper Ridge and besides the processor itself it carries a specially-designed core-logic, eight DIMM slots, necessary I/O to enable operation of the system (graphics core, graphics memory on SO-DIMM, various standard connectors as well as numerous special-purpose connectors) and other necessary components. There are no Serial ATA ports installed, as a result, an Intel USB flash disk is used instead of a hard disk drive. Although the mainboard seems to fit into a typical computer case, it does not look like it complies with ATX specification.

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