Overclock Your Android Phone

Not sure to what extent this can be useful ... but it's cool to show off your overclocked phone, right?

Overclocking unlocks the true potential of your hardware, so why should it be limited to desktop computers? A cellphone is a tiny computer after all, so surely there must be a way to overclock that too. Thanks to SetCPU, Google Android based phones do have that ability.

“An application for Android that is specifically designed for changing the CPU speed on Android devices with root access. It is currently compatible with many devices, including the HTC Dream, HTC Magic 32B, Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy, and several other devices. In addition to setting CPU speeds, SetCPU can also show the user information about the device’s CPU, set speeds automatically upon system boot, set custom profiles based on the phone’s sleep, charge, battery, or temperature states, and run a quick benchmark testing the CPU’s floating point capabilities. Because of its nature, SetCPU can only be used with phones with root access running Android 1.5 and above. Because SetCPU changes the device’s clock speed, possibly running the phone out of manufacturer specifications, use of this application may potentially damage your device. Use it at your own risk.”

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