Massman now working full time on research & development

As of today, Massman will no longer be moderating submissions. Instead, he will invest all his time behind the scenes in order to improve HWBOT and its services. Welcome Massman to the R&D department! Unless our main submission moderator, Thor941, can handle the extra workload, we will soon start to look for new submission moderators.


Belgium richba5tard says:

Welcome to the R&D department, MM. :)

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

:O Richard please stop smoking! it's bad for your health :) SO, new department huh? so, we hope new improvements soon or later :D Keep rocking boys!

United States Hondacity says:

massman is the girl? rb is the male? LOL nice 3d pics LOL(jk)

Greece George_oc says:

Well deserved! :)

unknown 149 says:

nice picture)

Thor says:

more work for me lol

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Massman, congrats on the lab coat! :D

Romania Monstru says:

Thor941 said: more work for me lol

Oi! It seems that RB is trying to tell us that we can also let our girlfriends moderate, because, as you can see there are 4 3D figures for the two of us :P

Thor says:

yes I'll ask my son as well :)

Belgium Massman says:

Sorry, Thor! But I know it's all in good hands. The moderating thing is just taking too much time to do it properly. And if I can't do it properly, I prefer not doing it at all.

Thor says:

No need to be sorry ;)

But as said in the article, maybe 1 or 2 more mods could be great ;)

Denmark M.Beier says:

Yes, Massman is the bitch.... richbastard is the dude :-P I think this is fail.... you need another box for Massman, title should simply be; evil

Belgium Massman says:

Hondacity said: massman is the girl? rb is the male? LOL nice 3d pics LOL(jk)


Belgium richba5tard says:

Back to the kitchen, b*tch! :P

Austria Turrican says:

haha, made my day :D

unknown 149 says:

M.Beier good status)))

United States steponz says:

Congrats Mass, if you need some help with moderation.. let me know.. I am always on the site.. :)

Belgium Gamer says:


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