NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 leaked, benchmarked

According to eNet's screen grabs, the card's core is clocked at a GTX 470-matching 607MHz, but it features three fewer SMs (Streaming Multiprocessors) - resulting in a reduction of stream processors from 448 to 352. The amount of GDDR5 memory is lowered to 1,024MB, and the memory bus width is reduced from 320-bit to 256-bit. How will the specification translate to real-world performance? It seems to be a mixed bag. eNet's early benchmarks suggest the GeForce GTX 465 had the edge over Radeon HD 5870 in Far Cry 2, but is notably slower than Radeon HD 5830 in Crysis Warhead.A run of the 3DMark Vantage synthetic benchmark at extreme settings gives the GTX 465 GPU a score of 5488, which indicates that the card will offer roughly 20 per cent less performance than GTX 470. Enough to make it a worthy contender to AMD's ATI Radeon HD 5850? We'll find out soon enough, as the word coming from China is that NVIDIA will officially unveil the GeForce GTX 465 at Computex on June 2nd.

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