Splave (US) Takes Down 3 Octa-Core Global First Place Scores w/Core i7 7820X

A little while ago we noticed a flurry of very impressive 2D scores from US No.2 Splave. He used an octa-core Intel Core i7 7820X processor to make Global First Place scores in three of today’s multi-threaded 2D benchmarks; Cinebench R11.5, Cinebench R15 and Geekbench 3 Multi-core and Intel XTU. Let’s have a peek at the rig used and also try and figure what configuration he used:

In the two Cinebench benchmarks we find Splave pushing his Core i7 7820X under liquid nitrogen to 6,128MHz which is a very satisfactory +70.22% beyond the chip’s stock settings. According to the CPU-Z screenshot he configured core voltage at 1.524 V. He also configured his DRR4 kit at 1,838MHz with 12-12-12-24 timings. His motherboard of choice is an ASRock X299 OC Formula. All of which helped him push the highest ever octa-core score in Cinebench R11.5 to 29.68 points, and in Cinebench R15 to 2,739 cb points. Both scores edge past the previous best from Sofos1990 (Greece).

When benching Geekbench 3 Multi-core we find CPU cores of the same rig pushed slightly more conservatively to 6,115MHz (+69.86%) to hit a new octa-core high score of 50,725 points. In the Intel XTU benchmark the new Global First Place in the octa-core rankings also belongs to Splave with a score of 4,175 marks and his 'Skylake-X' architecture CPU clocked at 5,958MHz (+65.5%). Again in both cases Sofos1990 loses out.

You can find the entirety of Splave’s most recent OC adventures here on his profile page, which incidentally also includes some nice work with a deca-core Intel Core i9 7900X clocked at 5,825MHz. Nice work! You can find some nice rig pics here, here and here.

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