Raspberry Pi 3 Overclocking Guide from Eltechs

The Raspberry Pi 3 board has been around for almost two years ago and remains one the most popular platforms for many thousands of projects around the world. It’s also pretty well known that it’s possible to increase the performance of its integrated quad-core 1.2GHz Broadcom CPU with some half decent cooling a bit of known how. In fact there it’s more than possible to improve CPU, GPU and memory performance. Today we came across a useful guide from high-tech software startup Eltechs that will be very useful for anyone looking to setup a simple, stable overclock that has tangible performance benefits:

How to overclock the Raspberry Pi device? Don’t matter if you are looking for the way to overclock the Raspberry Pi 3 or overclock the Raspberry Pi 2 – the algorithm stays the same. The only thing should be taken into consideration is that the Raspberry Pi 3 has significantly improved processor performance compared to previous models. Through various techniques such as overclocking and overvoltage, we can get even more power out of the Raspberry Pi 3. While Raspberry Pi 2 device will always be a little bit behind on performance due to basic technical peculiarities.

Overclocking, basically, is the way to boost Raspberry Pi hardware performance by tuning up several device parameters. For that, additional hardware and special skills are required. If you want to overclock your Raspberry Pi, you need to equip yourself with three essential hardware accessories. In this documentation, we use a Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B V1.2 with Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie) running). Power Supply - A good reliable power supply is strongly recommended. An overclocked Pi 3 could draw 1.5A and more. So, a 2A supply should be the minimum. Cooling equipment, to prevent the Raspberry Pi device from overheating we have to provide the most important chips with a heatsink as well as with an additional fan.

Catch the full Raspberry Pi 3 Overclocking guide here on Eltechs.com.

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