TweakTown Publish Intel ‘Coffee Lake’ Overclocking Guide

It has been mentioned in the past that mainstream technology media writers do always give overclocking the attention it deserves. Which is why it’s great to see TweakTown publish a pretty in-depth guide to overclocking Intel Coffee Lake CPUs. Motherboard review master Steve Basseri certainly knows his way around a BIOS or two and gives a great overview on the ins and outs of pushing the latest Coffee Lake processors. His guide includes a great introduction that includes a really useful flow-chart (left) that will be very useful for noobs. Steve goes on to cover CPU multipliers and voltages, power settings, DRAM overclocking plus advice about maximum voltages and stability testing. Here’s the intro from Steve:

Today you will get a quick guide on how to get started tuning your CPU to its maximum, and the good news is that the new Coffee Lake 8th Generation CPUs are actually very similar to Intel's 6th Generation CPUs. While Kaby Lake (7th Generation) CPUs were basically Skylake (6th Generation) CPUs, but with a better process (14nm+) and higher clocks, Coffee Lake (8th Generation) adds more cores and minor process improvements (14nm++).

When you add cores you also increase the chance of one core not overclocking to higher levels, and it only takes one core to decrease highest all-core overclock, and that is where the process improvements help. The process improvements allow the new 8th Generation chips overclock as high as their 7th Generation counterparts. You can expect a 4.9GHz overclock for pretty much all chips with an all-in-one watercooling cooler, and higher if you de-lid your CPU. The good news is that if you have overclocked Skylake or Kaby Lake CPUs, then overclocking Coffee Lake is going to be very familiar.

Check out the Coffee Lake Overclocking Guide from TweakTown here.

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