wytiwx (China) Breaks Socket 478 CPU Frequency and SuperPi 1M Records with Mobile Pentium 4 532

Among the diverse group of people that make up the HWBOT membership role, we have several members who seem to involved in a race largely against themselves, which is exactly the way they like it. One such case involves China’s wytiwx and his work pushing older CPUs to new frequency heights. You may recall earlier this month we noted he pushed an Intel Pentium Mobile Celeron processor from its 1.2GHz base clock to beyond 4.5GHz, a massive and probably highest ever percentile increase of +275%. Today we turn our attention to his latest project and a new Global First Place score using a Intel Mobile Pentium 4 532 processor.

Based on the Prescott architecture that Intel unleashed into the world in 2004, the Mobile Pentium 4 532 processor has a base clock of 3.06GHz, a pretty high default frequency by today’s standards. The processor belongs to the Socket 478 family of processors which also includes Northwood and Gallatin offerings, an area of particular interest to wytiwx. He managed to push the P4 532 to a massive 6,617.65MHz, which is +115.84% beyond stock. This is not only the highest CPU frequency for a P4 532 processor, it also happens to be (according to the HWBOT database) the highest ever frequency of any Socket 478 family chip. The rig was based around an Intel P35 platform ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP motherboard with DDR2 configured at 575MHz (CL5-5-518). The scores beats the previous highest frequency which comes from GRIFF (Italy) at 5,406.58 MHz.

We find that wytiwx also managed to take down the Pentium 4 532 Global Ranked Score in the classic SuperPi 1M benchmark with a run in just 21sec 969ms with the CPU clocked at a somewhat more conservative 6,243.05MHz (+103.62%). Once again we should note that the score is the highest SuperPi 1M submission using a Socket 478 processor. You may also be interested to note that wytiwx has also been dabbling with running DDR3 system memory on Socket 478. Check out this submission which involves 1GB of OCZ DDR3 kit and an Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz (Northwood, 200 FSB). This guys is having all the fun.

Check out all the score submissions in the links above, and also feel free to check in with wytiwx (China) here at his profile page. Thanks to Strunkenbold (Germany) for the heads up.

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