WYTIWX (China) Pushes Northwood Mobile 1.2GHz Celeron to 4.5GHz, +275% Beyond Stock

Here’s an interesting retro-style submission that may raise a few eyebrows. Chinese HWBOT member WYTIWX posted a score during the festive season that is surely the highest percentile CPU frequency overclock that we’ve ever encountered. He managed to push a Northwood architecture Intel Mobile Celeron chip from its stock CPU frequency of 1.2GHz, to 4.5GHz - a massive +275% beyond stock.

The configuration outlined above included an ASUS P5K-E/Wifi-AP motherboard based on the Intel P35 chipset. If you call this board supported Socket 478 mPGA processors including the Northwood architecture Celeron 1.2GHz. The chip in question is actually a single core, D1 Stepping processor designed for Mobile notebook systems. Being designed for mobile platforms where thermal and power efficiency concerns are paramount, these chips were famously good overclockers, offering tons of core frequency headroom. The submission also featured a 1GB DDR2 kit which (according to the submission screenshot) was configured at 584.9MHz (5-5-5-18-42). According to the submission notes, WYTIWX added is own IHS and applied both a Vmod and Vdroop mod. He experienced a Cold Boot Bug at around 125C and no Cold Bug.

You can check out the submission from WYTIWX right here and can also visit his profile page where you can check out SuperPi and Reference Frequency scores based on the same system. Congrats to WYTIWX for breaking the record for the highest ever percentile CPU frequency overclock. Thanks to Strunkenbold for bringing this submission to our attention.

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