Pieter-Jan Plaisier Resigns as HWBOT General Manager, Frederick Colardyn to Take Over from January 2018

Today we bring you news that Pieter-Jan Plaisier has resigned from his position as General Manager of HWBOT. From January 1st 2018, HWBOT founder Frederick Colardyn will take over as General Manager, handling the day to day duties of the organization. Pieter will remain as an active adviser for an interim period of three months to help facilitate a smooth managerial transition.

“I have been actively involved with HWBOT since 2006, taking various roles, from volunteer to becoming the first full-time employee and eventually taking charge of daily operations. Being part of this organization has allowed me to do things that I would not have imagined when I started eleven years ago. I've met some wonderful people who have become some of my closest friends. It's been a life-changing experience and I will treasure the memories for the rest of my life. I hope that HWBOT will flourish and grow in the years ahead.” - Pieter-Jan Plaisier (Massman).

Pieter as been at the heart of so much that HWBOT has achieved in recent years. These achievements include the creation of the HWBOT World Tour, the OC-ESPORTS platform and so much more. The world of overclocking will miss his passion and drive to promote and raise the profile of overclocking around the world. On behalf of all HWBOT staff and members, good luck for the future.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Some very big news regarding the managerial structure at HWBOT.

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

I'm still shocked that I don't know what to say to this. Just wanted to say thanks for the events in the last couple years..

Australia zeropluszero says:

Holy shit!

France Wimpzilla says:

Wow did not expected that!

Good luck for the future, whatever it is!!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication PJ. Sad news but fully understandable. Hopefully Frederik is ready for this challenge.

Best of luck in all your new endeavours !! Best of luck in 2018

Australia FatBoyNotSoSlim says:

Well then, I hope to see you around the world somewhere, has always been a pleasure working together.

websmile says:

This is a big loss for hwbot but I think Pieter will stay at overclocking and the industry hopefully and keep on promoting our hobby and passion.
All the best for you, PJ, and you did a good job at a not too easy environment :)

Iran Mr. DB! says:

WTF! :|
we know Hwbot with Massman! :| WTF! :|

United States Splave says:

I heard he's stepping down so he can focus on getting #1 in the rankings.

Sweden Rauf says:

Judging by the development of new points system etc this has been a long time coming... I think head of hwbot is one of the most ungrateful jobs there are, at least in dealing with the community. I may not agree with many of the decisions regarding development (or mostly lack of development) but I know you have fought hard for overclocking and overall done an a very good job. Good luck with your new!
Regarding Frederick it would be interesting to hear what he has to say about the future...

Brazil Casanova says:

I'm new here, but I could follow his passion and dedication to this community for the past two years.
Don't know him personally, but all i have to say is thank you Pieter for all the hard work to Hwbot, you deserve all the best man :)

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Good luck on your new endeavours in life ! Thank you for all the years of hard work PJ.

Kind Regards: Chispy ( Angelo )

Germany Don_Dan says:

Thanks for all that you've done for the OC community and all the best for all your future endeavours!
Let me know when you're in Munich and we'll grab a beer. :celebration:
Or a whisky. ;)

Belgium richba5tard says:

Our project was one hell of a ride, PJ. I don't know what will happen without you, but good thing is it will continue to exist. Best of luck on your next endeavor!

K404 says:

Well, we've not always seen eye to eye but your influence on the roadmap of overclocking is undeniable and I do wish you every success and happiness in whatever you do next. :)

I hope there will be another chance to get a beer at some point in the future :)

Australia zeropluszero says:

He learnt all our tweaks and got in with all the partners, Pieter is actually going to get to #1!
Best of luck PJ, hope to see you at events still!

United States Mr.Scott says:

Definitely didn't see that coming.
GL in whatever direction your taking.
Maybe you'd like to take my infraction points with you for a souvenir? :D

Netherlands wiLLius says:

All the best Massman! thanks for your efforts!

United States Splave says:

richba5tard said: Our project was one hell of a ride, PJ. I don't know what will happen without you, but good thing is it will continue to exist. Best of luck on your next endeavor!

Would you consider selling it privately?

United States Mr.Scott says:

Splave said: Would you consider selling it privately?

Wouldn't THAT be something. :)

Australia macsbeach98 says:

Wow all the best for the future PJ

Canada Johan45 says:

Now that's a surprise. Good luck Pieter and it was nice meeting you in Quebec

Australia Bilko says:

Best of luck moving forward PJ :)

Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I really appreciate it :)

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

Wow, you've been such a major part of hwbot ever since I joined, wish you all the best with your future :)


Best of luck for the future PJ

H2o vs. Ln2 says:

Thanks for all your help PJ, sad news for me.

Aleslammer says:

Hate to see you go!!!!!!


Australia ozzie says:

all the best mate , whatever you decide you wanna do

cheers ozz

United States MetalRacer says:

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication! Best of luck on all your future ventures.

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Sad news. You will be missed!

Brazil Rbuass says:

I wish the best for you, Pieter.
Whatever you are.

South Africa DrWeez says:

been offline for a while and i come back to this news :(
you will be missed Pieter. thank you for all your help and hard work over the last half decade and all the best for what ever adventure you take on next! I don't know an HWBOT or even overclocking with out MASSMAN, going to be interesting to see the new direction in 2018

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