Futuremark Updates 3DMark to v2.4.4163, Adds Improvements and Bug Fixes

Here’s a quick newsflash to let you know about some improvements and bugs fixes that have now been applied to the 3DMark benchmark suite from Futuremark. The relatively minor update has no affect on benchmark scores but does fix issues related to the Vulkan API Overhead feature, Custom Run looping and several other features. Here’s the rundown of the fixes applied to v2.4.4163:

  • Improved
  • - Benchmark loading screen logos and labels are now consistent across all tests. You will need to update your DLC files, but this is purely a cosmetic change. Benchmark scores are not affected.
  • - Use the new "Update All" button to update all DLC files to the latest version.

  • Fixed
  • - Fixed an issue with the Vulkan part of the API Overhead feature test that was caused by a change in the Vulkan specification.
  • - Custom Run looping now works as intended again.
  • - Restored the missing sub-scores on the Fire Strike result screen.
  • - Fixed a rare issue that could cause Fire Strike, Cloud Gate, and Ice Storm tests to fail on a few specific Intel processors when using integrated graphics.
  • - Fixed an issue that could cause 3DMark to hang on the splash screen.

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