HWBOT Country Cup 2017 Update: US Leads with Two Weeks to Go

The HWBOT Country Cup is just two weeks away from its climax, which means it’s high time we took a look at the current table with an eye one which country might emerge as eventual winners on December 23rd. Right now the impetus is with the United States of America, a country that have actually yet to win a Country Cup contest, despite being the best represented country in terms of HWBOT membership. Let’s have a look at which countries are doing well thus far, the players involved and the standings overall.

HWBOT Country Cup 2017: November 1st to December 23

In terms of contest format, each of the six stages of the HWBOT Country Cup 2017 contest are setup to make the contest as gruelling and challenging as possible. Each stage is unique and involves the following, a specific benchmark and a specific number of required submissions from different team members. Each stages is also based around a different CPU or GPU platform and offers a specific amount of points. Finally, each stage has a different end date, just to stop total sandbagging on the very last day.

Stage 1: SuperPi 32M

  • 8 Submissions from 8 different Intel CPU sub-families (Coffee Lake not allowed)
  • 50 points available
  • Overall score average of best 8
  • Ends December 19th

Stage 1 is all about proving you know your stuff with different architecture Intel CPUs. The US top the table an average run of 5min 31sec 820ms. This average score is thanks to submissions from jiccman1965, Bones, topyoyoguybest, GtiJason, bigblock990, Frito, jpmboy and jab383. The fastest submission comes from bigblock990 who managed a run in just 4min 20 594ms using a Core i7 7700K which he pushed to a very nice 7,000MHz (+66.67%). Check out this shot of the LN2 cooled rig that was pushed by bigblock990. It’s based on a Z170M OC Formula with DDR4 memory tuned to 1,999.6MHz (12-11-11-11-28).

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