Throwback Thursday: Christian Ney Completes GeForce GT 540M Record Set

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday. Today we cast our minds back to a day in November 2013 when current HWBOT Community Leader, Christian Ney had other things on his mind, namely collecting a full set of Hardware Gold Cups with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M chip. And by full set, I really do mean full. The news post was made in recognition of the fact that Christian had actually gone and taken down the Hardware First Place records for all 22 GPU benchmarks, a pretty incredible feat that I’m not sure has ever been replicated here on HWBOT. Here’s what we wrote back on November 24th 2013:

There are 22 GPU benchmarks in our database. Installing all of them would probably take you half a day, excluding of course the time it takes to debug some of them. For example 3DMark99 requires a couple of workarounds to get working properly. Therefore it is safe to say that when someone claims to have run all the benchmarks for a particular graphics card, it is damn impressive. We would call that a die-hard overclocker, no doubt.

And then there's Christian Ney. He is not satisfied by just running all benchmarks. No, he wants all the top spots and golden cups that come with it. And so he did, in the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M category. Yes, he did it - a perfect score in that category. Awesome, amazing, and above all pretty darn insane. Nice one!

You can check out the record page for the GeFirce GT 540M here. Christian may not be too pleased to hear that a few other HWBOT members have been chipping away at his perfect record, plus the fact that the database now has more than 40 3D benchmarks. Maybe time to crank out your 540M chip again Christian. You can find the original post from 2013 here.

This news post can be discussed here on the HWBOT Community Forum.

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