GALAX GOC 2017: Video Coverage from Tech YES City and jojococo studio

The GALAX GOC 2017 contest took place last weekend with Romanian Alex@ro taking the win in Thailand and a check for $5,000 USD. If you haven’t already, check out our coverage of the contest right here on OC-ESPORTS. The good news for us is that we can also get more of a fly on the wall view of things thanks to two YouTubers who were there in person. Tech YES City and jojococo studio were both on the ground in Bangkok Thailand to gives us a clearer picture of what was going on at one of the biggest overclocking events on the 2017 calendar.

Firstly, take a look at the coverage that came from Tech YES City, the same guys that recently brought us coverage of the Performance Matters event in Melbourne Australia. The video from Brian gives you a good overview of the event which by the way also includes ‘random scrubs getting pawned…’, a reference to the interactive gaming stands that were setup for visitors. We also get an interview with GALAX top brass including MAD, Hall of Fame Chief who offers insight to the development process involved in producing a HoF graphics card. Of course there’s also coverage of the GOC 2017 contest, the winners and prizes, plus some thoughts on the challenges of live GPU overclocking.

Another YouTuber at the Pantip Plaza in Bangkok was case modding enthusiast jojococo who is based in Thailand. Jojo attended the GOC 2017 event which also just happened to coincide with a case modding event. Who knew Bangkok was so awash with tech events on the weekend? The video gives a solid overview of what GOC is all about from an attendees perspective and also features a look at all twelve combatants as they get down to some serious sub-zero, extreme overclocking.

Catch the video coverage from Tech YES City here, plus the video from jojococo studios here on their respective YouTube channels.

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