OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles - steponz (US)

Welcome to the Overclocker Profiles series where we introduce each of the overclockers that will compete in the Overclocking World Championship Final on December 9th and 10th of this year. We kick off the series today by introducing you to a legendary US overclocker known as steponz. Let’s take a quick look at how this guy qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final and also a look at the man behind the LN2 flask.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: steponz (US)

So exactly who is this guy who goes by the name steponz? What we can tell you is that Joe Stepongzi, aka steponz to use official HWBOT handle, lives is a residence in Florida, USA, loves fast cars, fast motorcycles and boats and indeed… fast computers. He is an Elite HWBOT league member and a member of the PURE team which boasts other OC luminaries such as Xtreme Addict (Poland), k|ngp|n (US), Gunslinger (US) and AndreYang (Taiwan) to name just a few. He’s currently ranked as number 21 in the world and will certainly be one to watch at the Finals in Berlin. Interstingly, despite the US being the largest represented country on HWBOT, steponz will be the American in the contest.

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

Actually steponz was the first overclocker to qualify for the OCWC 2017 Final. Back in January of 2017 he attended the HWBOT World Tour visit to the US which took during the CES 2017 trade show. A handful of the world’s leading overclockers took time compete head to head in the OCWC Las Vegas Qualifier. In the Semi-Final 1v1 match of the contest steponz faced Indonesian bboyjezz, claiming a victory in the SuperPi 16M benchmark.

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