[Video] Overclockers Gathering in Budapest, Hungary

[Video] Overclockers Gathering in Budapest, Hungary

We just came across a video that features an Overclocking Gathering that took place sometime around a week or so ago in Budapest, Hungary. In actual fact we don’t know too much about the gathering, but seeing as it’s a pretty cool and well made video, we thought we’d share it with you all. What we do know is that the gathering took place on Pest side of the Danube river at Laptophardware, a local computer store. We know that the event was hosted with support from ASRock and Cooler Master and attracted some of the country’s most decorated overclocking talent.

From what we can gather, the event was organized with the help of Hungary’s current No.2 overclocker Achill3uS, one the local OC community's most prominent members. Other overclockers in attendance include Alpi, CosmoO_O, Johni5, Northsys and current Hungarian No.1 subaruwrc. In fact it looks like subaruwrc was busy pushing a pair of Radeon RX Vega 64 cards using a Intel Core i7 7800X based platform. According to this Hardware First Place submission he managed to push the AMD Vega GPUs to 1,665MHz (+33.52%) with his CPU clocked at 5,700MHz (+62.86%) to make a very nice 3DMark Vantage P score of 88,713 marks. Nice going.

You can find the OC Gathering 2017 video here on the tuione YouTube channel. If you were there and can give us some more information, please let us know in this thread on the new HWBOT Community Forum.


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