The OC Show Season 4, Episode 19: OC Contests,, Z370x SOC Force LN2 and More

The OC Show Season 4 Episode 19 happened last Friday night on the OverClocking-TV TwitchTV channel, as always discussing a broad range of overclocking-related topics. Show host Trouffman was joined by Buildzoid and Toolius, who kicks off with a review of all the action taking place on OC-ESPORTS, the platform for all forms of competitive Overclocking.

Toolius talks us through the Rookie Rumble #50 contest where mils1 (Australia) and fathinm (Indonesia) are sitting at the top of the table, ahead of 214 other Rookie League competitors. Toolius notes how heartening it is to see so many new people join in some competitive overclocking fun. In the HWBOT Country Cup the US remain in the driving seat, while the Czech Republic are also looking like a very strong. Buildzoid also introduces the GALAX GOC 2017, a contest which took place in Thailand this weekend (more on that later).

As well as the special deals on Steam due to Black Friday (including nice deals for 3DMark benchmark suites), Trouff also introduces a few new features that are being developed by the team. actually just announced support for all ASUS ROG motherboards, plus the fact that you can now enjoy telemetry data from you rig directly on your mobile device.

Buildzoid introduces the topic of how his most recent PCB Breakdown video which featured the legendary Z370X SOC Force LN2 from GIGABYTE. It’s a motherboard which is not available in retail, but happens to be designed by Hicookie to break records with Liquid Nitrogen. It’s a board which will set overclocking hearts a flutter, not least because of its very adept VRM design. Another topic discussed is that of net neutrality, an issue that is being brought home to people by the need for free porn.

You can find the latest episode of the PC Show here on the Overclocking-TV YouTube channel.

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