G.SKILL Releases Ultra Low Latency CL17 Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266MHz Kits

[Press Release] Taipei, Taiwan – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is thrilled to announce new ultra-low latency additions to the Trident Z RGB series memory kits, starting from DDR4-4000MHz CL17-17-17-37 up to DDR4-4266MHz CL17-18-18-38 32GB (4x8GB).

This is the first time in tech history that DDR4 memory kits above DDR4-4000MHz speed is available at the low CL17 timing, and with lower timings, memory kits can utilize high frequency to its fullest potential with improved memory performance. To achieve the ultra-low latency of CL17, these new memory kits are made with rigorously hand-binned, high-performance Samsung B-die DDR4 IC components.

World’s First DDR4-4266MHz Kit with CL17 Timing - As the leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory, G.SKILL is always improving and reaching higher levels of performance than ever before. The fastest selection from the new Trident Z RGB lineup is available at DDR4-4266MHz CL17-18-18-38 32GB (4x8GB) at 1.45V. The following screenshot shows this new memory kit running on the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO motherboard with the Intel® Core™ i7-8700K processor.

Ultra-Efficient 17-17-17 CAS Latency - Following the DDR4-4266MHz kit, are memory kits running at DDR4-4000MHz and DDR4-4133MHz in both 16GB (2x8GB) and 32GB (4x8GB) configurations, all at an ultra-efficient CL17-17-17-37 timing. Below is a screenshot of Trident Z RGB running at DDR4-4133MHz CL17-17-17-37 32GB (4x8GB) on the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO motherboard with the Intel® Core™ i7-8700K processor.

Read the full news announcement from G.SKILL here.

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H2o vs. Ln2 says:

Thanks to G.Skill for all those amassing new release 4000+ but I still want to see something beater that 3200Mhz CL 14.14.14. 1T that overclock at 4000Mhz Cl 12.12.12 1T or 3800Mhz CL11.12.11.11 1T. I will be the first to processing any CL14.14.14. 1T 3400+ Mhz :)

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

G.SKILL already did that, my low bin 3466 C16-18-18 can do 4133 12-12-12 superpi 32m with waza and 4133 12-11-11 XTU.

United States marco.is.not.80 says:

I think he meant sold as retail... still, at the end of the day I'm sure no one cares if they are getting 4133 at 12-11-11 :-) Nice.

United States Splave says:

because XMP has to pass on a range of boards and some simply cannot be pushed this hard

Belgium leeghoofd says:

what good is a 16GB 4000C12 kit when you can only use 4GB of it for daily usage...

Spain abdenise says:


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