Buildzoid PCB Breakdown: Gigabyte Z370X SOC Force LN2

Buildzoid returns to our YouTube screens for yet another PCB breakdown video and this time folks… you’re in for a real treat. Somehow he managed to acquire a high-res shot of what is already becoming a pretty legendary Z370 motherboard, the one and only GIGABYTE Z370 SOC Force LN2. As Buildzoid explains, the fact that the board carries the LN2 moniker is what really sets it apart from any other regular Z370 board. As you may already know, it basically means that it is designed specifically with extreme sub-zero overclocking in mind, being designed by GIGABYTE’s legendary in-house overclocker, the one and only Hicookie.

Going back as far as the Intel Z97 platform GIGABYTE and Hicookie have been developing LN2 branded boards, kind of building on the popularity and success of the original GIGABYTE X58A-OC board, probably the first ever motherboard marketed specifically for overclocking. The LN2 boards, as the name suggests are designed with extreme overclockers in mind. Subsequent Z170 and Z270 LN2 boards however, never made it to retail and were only obtainable to a very fortunate few overclockers who had the right connections within GIGABYTE.

Likewise the Z370 SOC Force LN2 board is not available via regular retail channels, which is why it’s making Buildzoid excited to simply have a high-res picture of it that he can pore over. He kicks off by going through the special features that GIGABYTE have added to the board. These include several buttons which includes a Retry Button which is handy when attempting aggressive memory settings. Then there are voltage read points for absolutely so many voltage read points that Buildzoid hasn’t even heard of them all (VCCTTV anyone?). Then we eventually get to the VRM design, which literally really has Buildzoid weak at the knees.

Catch the full PCB breakdown video from Buildzoid the here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel.

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