The OC Show, Season 4 Episode 18: OCWC 2017 Final, Coffee Lake and Linus X299 OC Guide

The latest edition of the OC Show is now available via the OverClocking-TV YouTube channelwith show host Trouffman taking on a range of topics that are of course related to the field of Overclocking. Once again Trouff is joined by Buildzoid and Toolius, who as ever delivers an update on the competitions happening on OC-ESPORTS. The Country Cup is of course a major topic with 33 countries vying for dominance. With 30 or so days to go we find the US at the top of the table, followed by the Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Admittedly however, there will teams who are ‘sandbagging’ and saving their best scores for the very end of the contest.

Another area of discussion is the current battle between rsannino (Italy) and Dancop (Germany). The pair of Elite overclockers are competing for bragging rights for the Global First Place 6-core rankings in several benchmarks using the newly arrived Core i7 8700K. rsannino took down GFP scores just last Thursday which were soon greeted with a swift response from World No.1 Dancop who reclaimed a few of the scores. Interestingly, both overclockers will be competing in the OCWC 2017 Final in Berlin next month which we now know will be based on the Core i7 8700K processor. It will be very interesting to see how these compete in a live competitive setting.

The newly launched Coffee Lake platform is also a hot topic of discussion. Buildzoid notes how the new chips are showing plenty of potential in terms of high clocks. In fact despite the additional two cores, Coffee Lake seems to be able to clock even higher than Kaby Lake in certain situations. It’s a really solid platform and well suited for most extreme benchmarking purposes thanks to its ability to clock highly.

Other topics discussed in Episode 18 include the rumored Z390 chipset and a possible Coffee Lake platform refresh. The other major talking point is the Overclocking World Championship final which was announced. Plenty to look forward to. You can find the OC Show here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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