Rookie News 17/11: ROG Czech OC Guys Top Rookie Team, Yee245 (US) leading Rookie League with 471.80 pts

Team Rookies Novices
Czech Republic ROG Czech OC Guys 41 25
United States /r/overclocking 37 90
USA ASUS Republic of Gamers 33 115
United States 17 48
United States Oregon State Overclockers 14 0
Australia Australia OC 13 20
Italy Overclock & Gaming 11 5
France Cowcotland 10 14
Japan OC CLUB 10 3
Malaysia Hard2mano OC TEAM 10 1

Every month or so we have a look at how well the overclocking teams adopt Rookie and Novice overclockers at HWBOT. Moving up the ranks this week is ROG Czech OC Guys going from 2nd to 1st since last month. They now have 41 Rookies and 25 Novices enrolled in the team. Dropping down a ranking is the inevitable /r/overclocking with 37 Rookies and 90 Novices. Last on the podium is the ASUS Republic of Gamers community with 33 Rookies and 115 Novices.

In the Rookie League, yee245 (/r/overclocking) from the United States is leading with 410.40 points which is 2.9 points more than Skylead (French Legion) from France and 43.9 points more than Sergey.najdiigru (Team Russia) from Russia.

Congratulations to all the overclocking teams adopting the new overclockers and of course the Rookies for their dedication to overclocking!

Check out Rookie League here

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