My Life as an Overclocker: Wizerty Interviews Prominent French Overclockers

French No.1 Overclocker Wizerty has again been coming up with some really good content for Tom’s Hardware France. His latest article is in fact one of a series of articles that he has been producing recently that are entitled ‘My Life as an Overclocker’. The series is focused on what it means to be an Overclocker who tries to competitive. He talks about his passion for the game and shares his thoughts on feelings on particular contests that he has taken part in (and in some cases won), also sharing advice about specific hardware platforms and more. In his most recent article however, Jean-Michel gets the thoughts and feelings of other French overclockers, including Rookie overclocker Skylead, a rising star that has won the last two Rookie Rumble contests on OC-ESPORTS. Here’s a sample (translated using Google Translate so I ask for forgiveness in advance):

I'm Skylead, to serve you. I am 23 years old and I am a train driver in everyday life. I discovered OC five years ago, without wanting to throw myself in, thinking it was an activity reserved for the elite. I had learned about the subject during the editing of one of my PCs, just for the sake of pushing it to its limits.

At the end of August / beginning of September, I took the urge to mount a machine, and thread in needles, I discovered the FFOC (French Federation of OverClocking), then I set myself the challenge of getting a good place at the Rookie Rumble. I decided to put myself in love with beautiful big numbers, and the desire to master this discipline (it had to start one day!).

Rookie Rumble #48 - This is a competition reserved for beginners in overclocking (having less than three months of seniority on the HWBOT site to his credit), with almost no limitation in the equipment, but we are only entitled to temperature chilling ambient (ventirad, AIO, watercooling custom). These are the methods of cooling that attracted me in the first place, what was possible to do once released from the limit imposed by the Joule effect impressed me immediately, and then as and when , only the performance interested me.

After several hours of discussion with different people, I start, we mount the processor a little higher frequency than for its use of every day, and we launch the first test: XTU. The results are not bad, but are far from what I had imagined, and even further from the first place. I was sure to have a good CPU, something is wrong, so I start a quest for information, and it is thanks to my recent meetings and extensive documentation on the Internet that I understand the concern, and it was the RAM. So I equipped myself for the event: new motherboard, new RAM kit and now it's better!

You can catch the full article from Jean-Michel which also includes an interview with Patate, winner of Road to Pro Challenger Division IV Round 3 plus interviews with warper, a Cowcotland Tam member competing in Division II. It’s in French, but thanks to Google Translate it is still very much accessible. Very nice work Wizerty!

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