Throwback Thursday: AMD Phenom II Shatters 7GHz [Video]

Back in November 2009 the world of overclocking made something of a splash with the mainstream tech media as AMD held a series of events to showcase their latest AMD Phenom II line of processors. The idea is simple. You invite the world’s media to wine and dine while world class overclockers go nuts with Liquid Helium to push the silicon to wholly new echelons of performance. This is basically what AMD did back in 2009.

If you recall, the AMD Phenom II processor, when joined with the latest AMD 790GX chipset boards and the company’s Radeon 4870 GPUs, were part of what AMD described as the Dragon platform. The purpose behind the event series was to try and push a new and shiny AMD Phenom II 955 ES processor past the 7GHz barrier while scoring above 50,000 marks in 3DMark06. The rig used at an event in Texas included a Phenom II 955 ES mounted on an ASUS CROSSHAIR III and M4A79T-deluxe motherboard, a CORSAIR DOMNATOR GT 1800CL-7 memory kit and Quad AMD 4870X2 cards. A pretty fearsome rig back in 2009 for sure.

The video that AMD produced chronicles events where overclockers managed to gradually break way past the 7GHz barrier to around 7.08GHz. Overclockers involved with the events include several HWBOT members, including; Nemesis (Germany), Sampsa (Finland), Massman (Belgium), Schradin (US), Gomeler (US), Elmor (Sweden), HARDMAN (Russia), giorgioprimo (Italy), SF3D (Finland), chew* (US), K|ngp|n (US), and macci (Finland). A few memorable names in there for sure.

You can check out the promo video that AMD produced right here. In it you will several faces that may in fact still haunt your nightmares today. You can also find our original post from November 6th 2009 here.

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