Rsannino (Italy) Makes 5 Global First Place Scores with Coffee Lake Core i7 8700K

Italian No.1 and OC-ESPORTS No.1 ranked Overclocker rsannino has been busy getting better acquainted with the latest mainstream platform from Intel, the 8th generation of processors codenamed Coffee Lake. Roberto (as he is known to many of us) has got hold of a very decent Intel Core i7 8700K chip, a six core processor that he has used to break five Global First Place scores including wPrime 32M and 1024M, Cinebench R11.5, Geekbench 3 and GPUPI for CPU 1B. Let’s take a look at what he's been up to.

The new fastest ever run in wPrime 32M using a six core CPU now stands at 1sec 969ms. , just ahead of the previous best which came from Hicookie (Taiwan). Roberto made the score with Core i7 8700K pushed to a pretty impressive 6,935MHz, which is actually +87.43% beyond stock settings. The rig he used included a GALAX HOF DDR4 kit configured at 2,076MHz (12-11-11-28) and an ROG Maximus X Apex motherboard. He also took down the wPrime 1024M test with a Global First Place run of 1min 0sec 960ms. using the same rig with the CPU pushed slightly more gently at 6,900MHz (+86.49%).

In the Cinebench R11.5 six-core rankings we find Roberto at the top with a score of 25.34 points. , which beats the previous best held by Dancop (Germany). In this case the Core i7 8700K was pushed to 6,928MHz (+87.24%). In the Geekbench 3 benchmark however with the CPU pushed to 6.9GHz made a new Global First Place score of 43,020 points. Meanwhile in the GPUPI for CPU 1B benchmark he managed his highest CPU clock of the session, pushing it to a monstrous 7,029MHz (+89.97%) to complete a run in 2min 28sec 758ms. .

The HWBOT Overclocking World Championship will take place early next month and will be based around the Core i7 8700K. It would certainly seem that Roberto (a winner in the Taipei 2017 Qualifier) is in good shape with this platform right now. You can find all the score submissions in the links above, or alternatively you can visit the rsannino profile page here. .

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