Linus Tech Tips Produce Intel Core i9 Overclocking Guide

Looks like today really is a day for Overclocking to once again enjoy the warmth of truly mainstream limelight. After the recent XOC exploits of JayzTwoCents and OC legend K|ngp|n, it’s interesting to see yet more overclocking content come from an even more mainstream source –yes, we're talking about LinusTechTips. First… some back story.

A few months back Linus and the gang produced a bunch of videos that covered the latest Intel X299 platform and the new Core i9 high-core count processors that arrived with it. It’s fair to say that Linus was not completely in love with the new platform. Not even slightly. So what does a smart marketing department do to douse the flames of negativity? They pay the negative media source to do a Core i9 Overclocking Guide. Simple, no?

I would never suggest that HWBOT members should go get advice from Linus. God forbid. That’s not the point really. The point is that a massive company like Intel is willing to underwrite an OC Guide with one of the Internet’s biggest tech content creators in order to convey its marketing to a mainstream audience. When tech media suggest that Overclocking is old hat and not really so relevant anymore (we've all heard that theory once or twice), let’s hold aloft this video from Linus which in last 48 hours or less has actually accrued more than half a million views. Of the 564k+ people that have watched the video so far, I’m guessing only a handful are HWBOT members with a background in Overclocking. Which means that a few hundred thousand regular people just watched a video about how to Overclock a CPU. Not a bad outcome from where I’m standing.

The Core i9 Overclocking Guide might lack some of the in-depth nuance and detail that we would expect from a seasoned OC Pro, but hey… it’s pitched at an audience that may not be too familiar with the sport as a whole. You can watch the OC Guide video for yourself here on the Linus Tech Tips channel and of course, please chime in with your thoughts here here on our new HWBOT Community Forum.

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