Overclocking World Championship Final 2017: Hardware, Structure and Rules Confirmed

Today we happy to be able to officially announce more important details regarding the forthcoming Overclocking World Championship Final 2017. As you may well be aware, the contest will take place at Caseking HQ in Berlin, Germany on December 9th and 10th and is the climax of a year-long campaign to discover this year’s Overclocking World Champion. Today we are confirming the hardware that will be used in the contest, plus the overall structure and rules in place.

OCWC Final 2017: December 9th and 10th, 2017 - The Overclocking World Championship (OCWC) Final 2017 will be broken down into two separate sections; a Qualification Phase, followed by a series of 1v1 Matches. Here is a general overview of the contest schedule.

  • -December 9th – Day 1: Qualification Phase + Round 1 & 2 1v1 Matches
  • -December 10th – Day 2: Rounds 3 – 8 1v1 Matches + Award Ceremony

OCWC Final 2017: Hardware: - The following hardware restrictions will be enforced for the duration of the contest.

  • -Processor: Intel Core i7 8700K (provided by HWBOT)
  • -Memory: Any DDR4 kit (not provided – no restrictions)
  • -Motherboard: Any Z370 Motherboard (not provided – no restrictions)
  • -Graphics Card: NVIDIA GT 710 (provided by HWBOT)
  • -Storage: SATA 128GB SSD (1 partition w/Win10 Pro latest build)
  • -Power Supply: Seasonic 850W (provided by HWBOT)
  • -Peripherals: USB Keyboard and Mouse (provided by HWBOT – PS2 allowed)
  • -Monitor: Standard 1080p (provided by HWBOT)
  • -Cooling Solutions: Not provided
  • -LN2: Provided by HWBOT (Cascades not allowed)
  • You can find the full list of rules and more details about the contest structure here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

    Discuss in the HWBOT Community Forum here.

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