The OC Show Season 4, Episode 17: Intel Returns to Discrete GPU Market, Nvidia Goes Star Wars, JayzTwoCents and More

The latest edition of the OC Show is now available. Originally broadcast live on the OverClocking-TV TwitchTV channel we find in Episode 17 that Trouffman is joined this week by Buildzoid, the chap behind the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel. The show starts off with a quick look at what is happening in the HWBOT Country Cup which kicked off around two weeks ago on OC-ESPORTS. At the top of the table we find the USA team making great strides as front runners, which is interesting because they have yet to win a Country Cup, despite being the most represented country on HWBOT in terms of members. Buildzoid however has been busy making his contribution to the Czech cause, making a handy submission in Stage 5 which is all about 3DMark11 P. Meanwhile Trouff is working for the Antarctica team (thanks to a poll result) where he is making the one and only submission so far.

Other topics of discussion include the recent visit by K|ngp|n (US) to the JayzTwoCents studio. The guys are impressed with the production value of the video and the humorous intro – “Did someone say, Overclocking?!!”. It’s a cool video that discusses the art of using LN2 to push GPUs and CPUs to the max. Not a common topic on YouTube usually. Nice to see it hit a more mainstream audience.

In the graphics card market NVIDIA also announced a new version of their flagship Titan Xp card which (oddly for many of us) uses Star Wars branding. Is this simply a Titan Xp with more LEDs? Is Christmas just weeks away? Or is it just a bit of a joke for most enthusiasts? We then come to the news that Intel plans to have another crack at the discrete graphics market and the move of Raja Koduri from AMD’s GPU team to Intel. Are NVIDIA quaking in their boots? Perhaps not anytime soon.

Catch Episode 17 of the OC Show here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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