JayzTwoCents Gets Schooled in LN2 Overclocking by Vince ‘K|NGP|N’ Lucido

Many members of the tech media are familiar with overclocking to some degree. Motherboard and graphics card reviewers have to know how to tweak the BIOS to assess the basic overclocking ability of the product, sure. But how much else do they really know about the what lies beyond? Indeed the realm of extreme overclocking remains a mystery to many of the worlds tech savvy writers and YouTubers, a fact that actually makes it rather refreshing to see mainstream YouTube tech personality JayzTwoCents get schooled in the dark art of LN2 overclocking by no other than the legendary Vince ‘k|ngp|n’ Lucido.

Vince went back to his native US and paid a visit to Jayz studio to give him a full-on lesson in LN2 overclocking with the EVGA GTX 1080Ti Kingpin Edition card. Vince introduces the design of the card and how it is designed specifically for extreme overclocking. The VRM is capable of keeping pace with some incredibly high clocks that could end up in a power delivery of up to 1,200 watts. Hence the need for two PSUs in the lab. Vince starts off with a lesson in what you actually need to push GPUs on LN2. He introduces the LN2 pots, the voltage and heat monitoring gear and several pieces of the puzzle to Jay including the Inferno Heater which helps keep certain parts of the board from icing up. Steep learning curves for sure.

Among other things, what follows is a step by step guide to insulating the right components in the right way, how to mount the LN2 pot on the card and lots of detailed advice about how Vince sets up his rig in preparation for a real sub-zero benching session. Finally, the LN2 makes an appearance and the pair start filing flasks (plus a great intro as to why you shouldn’t wear gloves or socks). Jay does eventually get hands on and starts pushing both CPU and GPU, with an LN2 flask in hand of course. There’s even a flirt with a new Time Spy World record.

I’m sure that there are folks out there who would prefer the art of LN2 overclocking stay in the esoteric shadows of darkened man caves around the globe. Personally, I think its great to see a more mainstream media platform try out some genuine LN2 overclocking with one of the game’s biggest stars. Check out the video here on the JayzTwoCents YouTube channel

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