The OC Show Season 4, Espisode 16: OC-ESPORTS, Country Cup and GTX 1070 Ti

As usual the OC Show took to the broadcasting waves of TwitchTV last Friday to discuss the myriad topics and issues that are currently relevant to the Overclocking scene. Host Trouffman was joined by OC Show regulars Buildzoid and Toolius for Episode 16 of Season4.

The first topic of discussion is the ROG Showdown Team Edition 2 contest which as of last Friday was just a few days away from its conclusion. With these contests there will always be the chance that some teams are sandbagging, a tactic where you delay uploading your best scores until the very last moment. Buildzoid chimes in with a few words to explain that in the case of AlzaOC (third place at the time) sandbagging was not in play – it just takes a while to get some decent scores. There is also the issue of teams being able to effectively organize things. It takes time. Toolius also covers the most recent Rookie Rumble #49 contest where the French Rookies are most certainly in the ascendency. On the AMD side of the street, the guys chew over exactly how detrimental the Win 7 requirement is for Ryzen.

The topic of the launch from NVIDIA of the GTX 1070 Ti card kind of has the OC Show panelists scratching their heads a little. For some the card will basically be seen as a GTX 1080 with a memory bottleneck due the inclusion GDDR5 ICs over GDDR5X. There’s also the issue of factory overclocked 1070 Ti cards which NVIDIA has basically forbidden with this launch. Some vendors are trying to get around the issue by providing OC profiles that can be implemented by the user, but once again we find NVIDIA involved with what BIOSes can be used and what frequencies are allowed. There’s also some chat about the new NVIDIA Titan card.

Then we arrive at the HWBOT Country Cup which got underway around a week ago. Toolius gives us an overview of which countries are already making an impact, noting that although the Ukraine are the front runners, India are in second place. There are a few unexpected participating countries inc. Israel who are in 8th. On the question of patriotism, for Toolius it’s easy – he comes from India and lives in India. If he participates, it’ll be for India. No question. For Buildzoid it’s not quite so clear cut. Being of Czech extraction and living in the UK for so long, he feels a little conflicted but would probably bench for the Czechs over the Brits if push came to shove.

Catch Episode 16 of the OC Show here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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