OC-ESPORTS Roundup: October 2017

Today we take a look back at all the action that took place on OC-ESPORTS in the month of October 2017. We will check in on both individual and team OC-ESPORTS rankings at the end of the month while also taking a brief look at a few of the contests that ended at the back end of October. Let’s start things with a look at the individual rankings for HWBOT members on OC-ESPORTS.

Official World Overclocking Rankings - October 2017

The World Overclocking Rankings on OC-ESPORTs are based on the performance of individual overclockers in the 2017 season. Points are gained via participation in all contests hosted on OC-ESPORTS. Higher rankings in top level competitions throughout the year earn you more points. You can find more details about the scoring and ranking system on OC-ESPORTS here: http://oc-esports.io/#!/rankings-details

The month of October was actually one of the quietest in terms of active contests on OC-ESPORTS. Major contests such as the HWBOT Team Cup and Road to pro Challenger Divisions finished on the last day of September which means there has been a lull of sorts in the following weeks. It therefore no surprise to find that in fact most of the positions on the HWBOT leaderboard for individuals remain largely unchanged.

At the top of the table we find rsannino (Italy) who remains the most decorated overclocker on OC-ESPORTS. His points tally of 756 remains unchanged from one month ago. How has the Italian managed to get such a total? He has amassed several wins in Challenger Divisions II and II this year and also succeeded to win the G.SKILL OC World Cup back in June. The win in the Live G.SKILL OC World Cup Final at Computex was worth 250 points alone, so it’s easy to see why this guys is top dog. He will also have the chance to excel further having qualified for both the Overclocking World Championship in December and the GALAX GOC 2017 contest which takes place in November. Further successes in those contest would surely put him out of sight of the rest of the league. That said, those points could in theory also propel another overclocker to the top.

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