Antec shows off TPQ1200W OC running 1700W load (video)


Cote D metalop1g says:


Croatia dejan_bin_laden says:

your just pissing on us workers with this machinery, thats brutal

Dreadlockyx says:

In 10 years we'll get 10K W of load. xD

Greece hipro5 says:

This is TOTALY BS!..... :D Take a GOOD look on that power meter. Do the math as for the input wantage and see that this PSU works with ~100% efficiency?....HA, HA, HA.....OK.....SURE YES.... :D This guy should buy a NEW power meter I think because due to Active PFC of the PSU, the power meter gets "confused" and it shows whatever.... ;) Depending on the system and the frequencies that I see on the video, MAX wantage whould be ~ 1000 - 1100Watts.... :) EDIT: Now that I see the VGAs at ~800/1000 and the CPU load ~64%, NO MORE that 900 - 1000W needed to do that, INCLUDING the WHOLE system (rams/motherboard/etc).

Estonia Jaan says:

1700W load (from mains) at 87% rated efficiency of this psu@max load means that actual psu load is ca. 1500W.
1700W PSU load will be over 1950W from mains at ca 85% efficiency, if this PSU can stand that load..:)
And yes, that kind of power meter is not a good choice for "complex" PWM type load.

Belgium Massman says:

Marketing always paints a brighter picture of reality :D

Estonia Jaan says:

Massman said: Marketing always paints a brighter picture of reality :D

Yeah, I think they should used instead K|NGP|N | latest Vanatge result(s) for advertising.
4xGTX480 Quad SLI/LN2, 2xXeon/LN2 etc.
But I'm not sure how many TPQ 1200W was there..:D

Belgium Massman says:

I think they only use one for that as well?

United States BenchZowner says:

I doubt it. 2 PSU's for sure, it's Vince you know :p

Romania Monstru says:

Actually, this is not such a big thing after all. I have tested 4 GTX 480 with one i980X @ 4200MHz with a 1250W PSU. The maximum amount of current drawn fron the wall was ~1600W, after which the PSU would shut down. Calculate using get ~ 1350W from the PSU. Normal for a high-end PSU that has a little bit of headroom. BTW, the consumtion escalates best with vGPU and vCore, and I mean REALLY goes up when you adjust these voltages :)

Taiwan NickShih says:

i have mentioned that it is input loading (1700w) in the video description . Power meter just show u how many input watts is loading right now . Btw , i dont think that the power consumption can be exactly calculated by specs, unless u test it all by yourself. Most people will not overclock their system , so one psu can handle such kind of rigs (4x480 + 2 cpus) . i just want to show 1700w input is possible , actually 1850w is ok too . If i want to show the efficiency of PSU , the AC source machine + electric loading machine + power meter are necessary . Then u can "calculate" the efficiency . Thank you NickShih

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