jordan.hyde99 (Australia) Wins OCWC Melbourne 2017 Qualifier

The final Overclocking World Championship Qualifier contest took place just a few days ago during the HWBOT World Tour visit to Melbourne, Australia. The OCWC Melbourne 2017 Qualifier contest saw some the continent's best extreme overclockers compete for two days to decide who would ultimately be flown out to Berlin for the OCWC Grand Finals in December. Let’s take a look at the action, the players and the scoring in a little more detail:

OCWC - Melbourne 2017 Qualifier: October 28th and 29th - As with the all OCWC Qualifier contests that took place during the HWBOT World Tour this year, the Melbourne 2017 Qualifier followed the same general contest format. A Qualification Phase was held on the first day with 1v1 Semi-Finals and Finals being held on the last day of the event. Let’s begin with a look at what happened in the Qualification Phase:

OCWC Melbourne 2017: Qualification Phase - The Qualification Phase saw five Australian overclockers compete in a pretty tight 3 hour period. Running from 10am until 1pm on Saturday October 28th, overclockers were asked to score as highly as possible in the following three benchmarks; SuperPi 32M, Cinebench R15, 3DMark11 Physics. These are the same benchmarks that have been used in all OCQC Qualification Phases this year. Each benchmark is considered a different stage with points being awarded depending how highly you score.

Hardware Used - In each OCWC Qualifier contest specific hardware used. In the Melbourne Qualification Phase the following hardware restrictions were imposed. Note that for the first time we are using Intel 8th generation ‘Coffee Lake’ architecture CPUs, plus unreleased AORUS motherboards from event partner GIGABYTE.

Read the full contest roundup of the OCWC Melbourne 2017 Qualifier contest here on OC-ESPORTS.


Australia newlife says:

Was a great event to take part in :celebration:

Jordan really out did himself for his first time using LN2

Also OC-esports link is broken

Australia zeropluszero says:

Jordan fucking smashed it. Great work.

Australia macsbeach98 says:

Congratulations Jorden well done.:)

Australia jordan.hyde99 says:

Wooo! Thank you everyone :) Had an amazing weekend meeting everyone and surprised myself!

Australia avalanche says:

Well done Jordy ... legend effort

Australia Dinos22 says:

you got this Jordan

Australia Lilly.rhodes69 says:

Hey Jordy! SO happy to hear this news, all your time and effort has paid off xxx

Australia Lilly.rhodes69 says:

SO happy to hear Jordy! xxx

Australia ginger_nuts81 says:

Fantastic work Jordan

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