The OC Show Season 4, Espisode 15: OC-ESPORTS Round-up, PAX US and Lucky_n00b in OCWC Qualifier

Last Friday we saw Episode 15 of Season 4 of the OC Show go live across TwitchTV screens around the globe. This week presenter Trouffman was as ever joined by Buildzoid and Toolius for a discussion about all things and topics overclocking related. Episode 15 kicks off with a look at all the goings on onOC-ESPORTS. The ROG Showdown Team Edition 2 contest is attracting a massive 77 teams or so and will come to a climax in just over a week, while the Rookie Rumble series is also proving to be as popular as ever with the newer contingent of HWBOT overclockers. Toolius notes how, in fact this is a relatively quiet period on OC-ESPORTS with a few contests coming to a conclusion in the month of October.

The guys also discuss some impressive scores that have been submitted recently to HWBOT. One very notable score came from steponz who managed to make a World Record score of 139,523 marks in 3DMark Vantage Performance. This was done with a pair of GTX 1080 Ti cards a Core i9 7960X chip and a boat load of LN2. The guys discuss the power consumption of the new Skylake architecture CPUs and ponder exactly how many PSUs were actually used to make this monster score.

There is also some chat about the most recent HWBOT World Tour event which took place in Taipei just a week or so ago. Indonesian legend Lucky_n00b made his way to the event with sole purpose of competing in the Taipei II Qualifier contest which took place on the doorsteps of the famous Guanghua Computer Market (a place worthy of pilgrimage according to Toolius). Lucky_n00b’s determination paid off, as he managed to take the win and a seat in the Finals in December.

You can find Epsiode 15 of the OC Show here on the Overclocking-TV YouTube channel.

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