HWBOT and TeamAU Take to the Stage at PAX AU 2017

As you may or may not be aware, the HWBOT World Tour made its debut in Australia just 24 hours ago, bringing overclocking workshops and live OC contests to PAX AU, arguably the biggest gaming / technology event on the continent. Check out these pics from the event courtesy of Overclocking-TV. But as well as doing good work on the show floor to engage with gamers, the team also hosted a PAX AU Panel discussion that delves a bit deeper into a few of the overclocking related topics that have arisen in 2017. There was also a demo of extreme overclocking with LN2, pushing an Intel Core i9 7980XE to a very nice 6GHz. Lucky for us we can enjoy a replay of the Panel Discussion thanks to the PAX AU Twitch channel.

Attending the panel we have no just the usual HWBOT but also some of the leading figures in the Aussie OC scene, a scene which would not be the force it is without TeamAU. HWBOT Director Pieter Plaisier (Massman) was joined TeamAU members Dino Strkljevic (Dinos22), James Trevaskis (YoungPro), Matt Morrison (ZeroPlusZero) and Carl Hollingsworth (SniperOZ) who all contributed to the discussion live on stage as well as performing an Extreme LN2 demo.

The panel took place at the Wombat Theatre at PAX and kicked off with a presentation from Pieter on the subject of pushing the latest multicore processors. The presentation is entitled ‘Pushing Limits: Overclocking Up To 18 Cores’. Here’s a synopsis of what it’s all about:

This year has been very exciting for PC enthusiasts with six processor launches in less than ten months. The new processors feature up to eighteen overclockable cores which is significantly more than last year’s flagship ten-core model. The extra cores present new challenges for overclockers on both mainstream and high-end desktop platforms. In this panel we discuss the ins and outs of multi-core overclocking and show you a live demo of an 18-core system pushed to its limits.

You can catch a full replay of the PAX Panel discussion here on the PAX Twitch TV channel.

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