Der8auer OC Guide: Intel Core i9 7920X plus MSI X299 Xpower Gaming AC

Renowned and respected German Overclocker der8auer recently published another video. This time he gives us a guide related to getting the absolute maximum performance from an Intel Core i9 7920X processor. The guide also involves the MSI X299 Xpower Gaming AC motherboard which is proving to be very capable when it comes to overclocking.

Roman notes how the Xpower Gaming AC board features a fairly robust VRM design which features a heatsink which is connected via a heat pipe to secondary heatsink behind the I/O array. This provides sufficient surface area to dissipate the considerable heat produced by the processor when overclocking. In this guide Roman focuses on dealing with the Core i9 7920X, a 12-core, 24-thread processor based on the Skylake architecture. The guide however, is applicable to all Core-X, high core count proicessors.

The video shows how to configure the BIOS in a step by step way. He goes into all the details needed to configure both the DDR4 memory and the processor itself. He’s using a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 memory kit rated at 3,600MHz, CAS 16. He suggests that configuring system memory at frequencies higher than this is not so easy and in fact the performance benefits are fairly minimal also.

You can find the video guide from der8auer here on his YouTube channel.

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