OC Show Season 4, Episode 14: With Special Guest Leeghoofd (Belgium)

The OC Show returned last Friday night with Episode 14. Host Trouffman was joined as ever by Toolius and special guest Leeghoofd, a veteran overclocker and captain of the Madshrimps Begium OC Team that recently catapulted themselves to glory by winning the HWBOT Team Cup 2017 contest.

In fact, one of the key topics that the guys discuss is the approach taken by the Madshrimps team and the organization that goes on behind the scenes in order to win a team overclocking contest. The HWBOT Team Cup requires several scores from different team members using different hardware so having a team captain who can organize things is essential. Leeghoofd talks about how the fact that Belgium is quite a small country means that team members can meet up and share resources and knowledge to get the best scores possible. He explains how it’s virtually impossible to do any serious benching until 2am in the morning. A simple fact of life.

There is also some discussion about the contests that are currently happening on OC-ESPORTS. Although there are not so many contests running compared just a few weeks ago, there is plenty going on. One interesting contest is the GALAX GOC Finals which will take place in Bangkok in late November. The prize pool for the contest was announced earlier last week and includes $5,000 USD for the winner, $4,000 for the runner up and $3,000 for third place – the largest prize pool from GALAX ever. 12 overclockers will be flown out to Thailand having qualified via the online qualifier contest on OC-ESPORTS.

There is also some chat about the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest which now has a very impressive 63 teams competing. Right now ROG Czech OC Guys have the lead, ahead of Overclock.net and Team MLG. Other competitors include ASUS Republic of Gamers, Warp9-systems, /r/overclocking and Cowcotland. Trouffman notes how the Rookie country teams are heavily involved and doing well.

Catch the OC Show Season 4, Episode 14 here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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