French Federation of Overclocking (FFOC) Launch Member Forum

The French Federation of OverClocking (FFOC) has just launched a forum site dedicated to all things related to overclocking. The forum is an extension of the FFOC website, expanding to include a place where all French related overclocking issue can be discussed, chewed over by French speakers. It’s all part of an effort to help overclockers in France have a place where the community can grow and thrive.

The FFOC is a representative entity that looks out for the interests of French overclockers, including the nurturing of the next generation. The forum features much of what you would expect; news about contests both ambient and extreme, forthcoming events in France, plus threads where people can discuss different methods of cooling and share advice about how to overclock. FFOC President, Jean-Michel "Wizerty" Tisserand and several other prominent French overclockers such as Martin White, Patate, Ziken and others have already started to add topic threads to get the ball rolling. In fact there’s already plenty happening over there.

You can check out the FFOC Forum here, as well the FFOC website here which is the place to sign up if you happen to be an overclocker of French extraction.

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