Overlay.live Add Cooler Master PSU as Managed Device, Streams Real-time Power Info

The Overlay.Live project is something you may not have heard of before. It’s a software platform that is currently in beta-stage of development that offers live telemetric data streaming as a live feed. In short, it’s exactly the kind of thing that you need if you want to show live data in real-time in a video stream. It can also provide live graphic animations of the data to further enhance your live benching sessions, making them more immersive than ever. The Overlay.live website just published a blog post that reveals how the latest Cooler Master PSU, the MasterWatt Maker PSU can be used as a Managed Device for Overlay.live.

We’ve been working with Cooler Master on this project since our presentation of the Overlay.live platform earlier this year at Computex and it’s been a blast. Week after week the project took shape, and it is now a fully fledged managed device – a new member of the Overlay.live compatible devices ecosystem.

Nowadays high-end PSU offer a trove of useful information. Since manufacturers made the switch to digital controllers within the PSUs, it is fairly simple to provide read-outs from various features of the PSU. For example, you can read Voltage for each rail (12V, 5V and 3V3) but also their respective current as well as fan speed, temperature and most important of all, real-time power consumption in Watts.

Cooler Master already offered reads from this power supply via a supplied Bluetooth dongle combined with a smartphone app. And this is where our collaboration started – upon inquiry, Cooler Master opened up the PSU read-out creating a library for us to tap into the readings. And it worked like magic.

Read more about this at the Overlay.live blog right here where you can also learn more about the project in general.

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