Road to Pro Challenger Divisions: Round 3 Winners

Today we can officially confirm all of the winners from Round 3 of the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS, the most comprehensive Overclcoking contest ever devised by man or beast. Each Division focuses on a different hardware type, offering overclockers of all abilities, tastes and budgets the chance to compete on an more equal basis. Round 3 just ended a few days ago which means we can now go ahead and confirm the winners. Let’s crack on.

Pro OC – Gunslinger (US) Wins - The Pro OC Division is an arena for the Elite and professional overclockers to compete. There are ‘no holds barred’, so to speak, and there are (almost) no limitations on the type of hardware that can be used. Gunslinger (US) takes the win with a total of 488.7 points fending off competition from Splave (US) with 4.86 points with jiccman1965 in third place with 445 points.

Challenger Division I – ikki (Japan) Wins - In Division I it’s all about overclocking mainstream Intel Core i7 model processors (excluding all HEDT chips)plus any GPU (excluding Titan cards). Ikki (Japan) takes the win with a very dominant 499 points and three stage wins. Jiccman (US) is second with 456.6 points while superpatodonaldo (Italy) makes third place with 432.6 points.

Division II – ikki (Japan) Wins - In Division II we invite overclockers to push Intel Core i5 model processors with any single GPU excluding all Nvidia Titan models, GTX 1080 and GTX 980 Ti cards. Again ikki is (almost) complete control, winning four out of five stages to collect 499 points. Rsaninno (Italy) is second with 469.2 points while warper (France) is third with 424.9 points.

Division III – rsannino (Italy) Wins - In Challenger Division III it’s all about overclocking Intel Core i3 processors with no high-end GPUs allowed. rsannino takes a perfect win with 500 points and a win each of the five stages. Fellow Italian xMec is second with 479.5 points while ikki (Japan) has to make do with 473 points and third place.

Division IV – Bruno (Romania) Wins - In Division IV we turn to AMD overclocking in the form of AMD’s flagship CPUs, including the latest Ryzen chips. Bruno (Romania) takes top spot with 489.1 points while Infuriare (UK) takes runner up spot with 481.3 points. Jumper118 (UK) is third with 480 points.

Division V – Patate (France) Wins - Challenger Division V brings us to AMD A-Series APUs which include fairly hefty integrated GPUs. IGPs only in this one. The leader at the end of Round 3 is Patate (France) who has 473.4 points. Runner up spot is taken by superpatodonaldo (Italy) with StratosCZ (Czech) in third with 410.6 points.

Division VI – Samsarulz (Chile) Wins - Challenger Division VI brings us to the more affordable end of of AMD’s new Ryzen processor portfolio. Overclockers can use any AMD Ryzen 5 or 3 Series processor. Samsarulz (Chile) takes the win with 488.6 points and three stage wins. g_trud (Germany) sits in second place with 454.3 points with seahawkshunt (US) taking third place with 433.1 points.

Division VII – macsbeach98 (Australia) Wins - Challenger Division VII brings us to retro hardware, which in Round 3 involves benching on processors from the classic Intel Socket 1336 era. Retro OC master macsbeach98 (Australia) wins the Division with 492.1 points and three stage wins. scannick (Italy) is second with 499 points while jiccman1965 (US) is third with 446.4 points.

Check out all the scores in the links above. We will return with some more in depth coverage of the contest in the next week or so. Until then, a massive congrats to all who took part in this year’s Road to Pro Challenger series. Keep pushing folks!

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