Most Valuable Submission of Week 38, 2017: Gold for Splave (US), Rsannino (IT) and Bigblock990 (US)

In Week 39 of 2017, we received 4597 benchmark results from 1049 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 58% of the active community. They were responsible for 40% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

During Week 39 of 2017 three overclockers made it to the leaderboard with a golden cup. First up is the inevitable Splave (United States) who's been dominating the X299 scene lately. The Global First Place in XTU 8xCPU is just the first in a series of Skylake-X gold Splave has laid hands on in the past couple of weeks. I urge you to browse around and you'll find his name quite literally all over the place. Next up is the winner of the G.SKILL OC World Cup 2017: Rsannino from Italy. His World Record in 3DMark Vantage Performance came on the official unveiling date of the Intel Core i9-7980XE processor. Of course the eighteen core is powering this system, running at a solid 5667 MHz. Alongside the CPU we find two GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards running at 2200/1519 MHz. Rsannino beat the 3D legend K|ngp|n by about 8,000 points which is impressive by itself. Last but not least we find Bigblock990 from the United States. His 56.84 FPS score is the highest in the HWBOT X265 1080P benchmark with the CPU clocked at 6800 MHz. Congrats everyone!

The most used hardware components of Week 39 are the Core i7 7700K (12.4%), GeForce GTX 1080 (17.5%) and the ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex (10.9%). In total the community used 340 different CPUs, 233 different GPUs and 654 different motherboards.

The overclocking results submitted during Week 39 generated in total 1305 World Record Points, 9846.5 Global Points, and 7251.8 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 35% for Elite, 26% for Extreme, 11% for Apprentice, 10% for Enthusiast, 5% for Novice, and 24% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 3% Elite, 10% Extreme, 4% Apprentice, 16% Enthusiast, 9% Novice, and 58% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 39, 2017

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Splave 134.7 pts (GFP!) Rsannino 172.5 pts (WR!) Bigblock990 31.0 pts
Extreme Superpatodonaldo 58.7 pts Bob(nz) 76.9 pts Luumi 49.7 pts
Apprentice Totalnet 37.4 pts Jab383 34.2 pts Warper 24.4 pts
Enthusiast PKBO 49.8 pts Matsglobetrotter 22.2 pts PKBO 49.8 pts
Novice Nate152 30.9 pts Silvanspirit 27.1 pts Heldens 23.6 pts
Rookie Baokaser 48 pts Blackleo 27.2 pts Detrak 26.7 pts

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