Futuremark to Launch 3DMark Time Spy Extreme, 4K with DX12

Futuremark have a new and updated 3DMark Time Spy up their sleeve which offers a more demanding test that runs at 4K resolution and uses the new DX12 API. The update will be called Time Spy Extreme and be rolled out to end users on October 11th as a free update for 3DMark Advanced Edition and 3DMark Professional Edition licenses purchased after July 14, 2016. It will also be added to the HWBOT database before that time.

3DMark Time Spy Extreme - 4K DirectX 12 gaming benchmark - Time Spy Extreme is the world's first 4K DirectX 12 benchmark test. You don't need a 4K monitor to run it, though you will need a GPU with at least 4 GB of dedicated memory.

Developed with input from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and the other members of our Benchmark Development Program, 3DMark Time Spy Extreme is an ideal benchmark test for gaming systems with the latest high-end graphics cards and new processors with 8 or more cores. DirectX 12 is a low-level graphics API that reduces processor overhead. With less overhead and better utilization of modern GPU hardware, DirectX 12 game engines can draw more objects, textures and effects to the screen. Keeping CPU overhead to a minimum is essential when stepping up from Full HD to 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Ideal for new multi-core processors - A decade or so ago, hardware sites were asking, "Will dual core processors enhance your gaming experience?" Today, we're looking at new processors from AMD and Intel that can have up to 18 cores in some cases. The CPU test has been redesigned to let processors with 8 or more cores perform to their full potential. Compared with Time Spy, the Extreme CPU test is three times more demanding. It also lets processors use more advanced instructions sets up to AVX2 when supported.

We will update you when the new 3DMark Time Spy Extreme benchmark is implemented here on HWBOT.


Taiwan sdougal says:

A new and updated Time Spy benchmark, Time Spy Extreme will soon be upon us. Discuss here...

Australia zeropluszero says:


Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

Heavier and longer CPU Test with all instructions of HWBOT x265, including AVX2, nice, another XTU ^^

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Is it any game that can use AVX2 yet other than GRID that it doesnt really need it? I dont know what futuremark trying to emulating :/

Belgium Fraeco says:

Melting high performance, high core count Intel cpu is always a funny thing to do. :D

Sweden Rauf says:

Yay, avx...

United States Gunslinger says:

I wonder how weighted the CPU test score will be vs. normal Time Spy.

Not real enthused about AVX and such. Prefer my 3D benchmarks to be about the GPU and my 2D benchmarks to be about the CPU. Almost seems like a step backward.

Belgium Massman says:

Added to the benchmark list

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